Useful Plants of the Unmowed Lawn


Your lawn is full of food and medicine. Most of the plants we think of as weeds in our lawns are highly beneficial to both humans and wildlife. Many of these were intentionally brought to America as useful plants by early settlers. Others have been used by native people for generations or are important to pollinators and other animals. In most cases, we have simply forgotten the many benefits of these plants. We spend huge amounts of time and resources cutting, pulling and poisoning these plants. More often than not, these tactics of control end up harming us and other animals. The mowed lawn grasses we try to protect by removing these "weeds" are not beneficial to almost anything.


The primary goal of both the physical and digital herbarium is to create a pathway to

re-engage this lost knowledge.This database will be continually updated as more specimens are identified, collected, prepared and documented. Please check back periodically and contact us if you are interested in seeing the physical specimens. This collection is part of The Herbarium of The Society for a ReNatural Enviornment, located in Colchester, Vermont.